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See full instructions inside Archery arcade game.

Play Archery Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
119,739 Plays   3.3 (56 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by akeo.


Comments about Archery:

would be nice if it credited the ones it didnt account forverily1111

wish they more archery gamegreeneggsiam

Truly a hated and addicting game of random patterns.casinogiant

a very quick but addicting game!!!1 it seems to start at regular speed then it'll through you a faster target followed by a slower target and then another slower target followed by a faster target in order to get some feedback from you. so if you scored higher with the faster targets or the slower targets will be what is prob. coming next. so if you score 10 reg. speed, then 8 faster speed, followed by 6 slower speed, it will through more of the slower targets cause you had a lower score on that one. after that your total avg. of the different speed targets it will favor the lower avg. speed score then it'll trick ya!!!!lol IDK good game though!!!@$_I_L@Y_DYING

Why can't I ever hit all the targets. I think i've done it 3 time outta the 40 times i've played Archery. You almost have to play it over and over and over again to get to the point where you got the timing down.GinnyBoyd

You know honestly I know I'm a bad shot but Archery reallys smacks me right upside the head and say "Lady, why do you love to play games that you are so awful at?" Well I guess I'll just have to prove to myself and this game that I can aim. LOLGinnyBoyd

How do you turn off the annoying sound? What is that anyway? And what does it have to do with archery?purplemushroom

dis gem don be workin rite. was de matta?purplemushroom

Its really tough to get the game or usually any of these games to not cheat you or have another user tie YOUR high score, only to be put second place as to appear as if I/YOU had tied their score. Just grand stand BS.PIX

first off.....Archery in the world did the guy get a highscore of 358? message me for your explanations.......treyisbest10181018, out.treyisbest10181018

Out of the few games I play on this site, this is the second most cheating game of them all.PIX

something tells me I would be a swordsman if lived in the Middle Age hehePallazo

Very difficult game, it doesn't help that the target isn't stationary.Love Buzz

How did you manage to make a game with such low graphics to LAG?valkerion



im crap i have only got 128tatty

A really challenging game. The targets mess with your head. "oh, will it be fast, will it be slow" WHO KNOWS hahahathebluesamurai

pretty amazing game if you have good eyes if not i would try playing a skill game or action they are fun toobenben

This game is so much fun!nowurmessingwith

It's pretty simple and direct Archery. Point aim shoot right? Wrong! Give it a try and enjoy!nowurmessingwith

you can say that again magic!DXsonic


Great game, but when you get to needing 50 per round it is tough!sax556

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