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See full instructions inside Beaned arcade game.

Play Beaned Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
10,437 Plays   3.4 (13 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,050
All-Time Highscore: 1,600

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Beaned:

same thing appen to me,should had read yours guy,,s first !!!SANMAN

TIPS: 1) Your final score = "game score" from current level 2) betwen more high combos gets, more points 3 hit combos = 500 points. 2 hit combos = 300 points. 3) NO help you nothing: the time bonus, energy bonus, level score, and total score, nothing. I hope help you so much, good luck!!. [GMM 110126]LalinGouki

Beaned is unfir i get ove 10000 and i only get 850 no fairHboy

i am not happy i have just completed the game and had a score of 11500 points and it didont submiet.tatty

the game freezed on black screen when it was all overzeus

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