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See full instructions inside Xenotactic arcade game.

Play Xenotactic Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
25,235 Plays   3.8 (13 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 427
All-Time Highscore: 15,371

Recent play by Ramfree.


Comments about Xenotactic:

it's too hard when it comes to a higher stages even you tried to buy lots of defences and upgraded them.raivenv

This game rarely works for me now without a 'bug' occuring. When I go to upgrade a tower all my money disappears without upgrading anything. The letters 'NAN' replace any dollar amount that I had and then my money is reset to 0. Makes if very difficult to make any progress when you can't upgrade any towers. The funny thing is, it only happens on this site because I can play Xenotactic on another site and it works fine. Too bad because it is a very fun TD game to play.Master Of Puppets

Had to seriously change my old map design, and play some serious TD to get my score back. Level 100 reached and 15K+ Finally got 16 fully upgraded DCA air towers, those along with 4 frost towers, all 20 need to positioned correctly to pass level 93 ( AIR ) then sell all towers except one frost and place 20 fully upgraded SAM rocket towers as quickly as possible. The last 7 levels are insane, sell all, upgrade all, while keeping all ground creeps together, then group the creeps in a really tight bunch by using a 3 way maze juggle, keeping one frost helps with that too. A great Tower Defense game like this is so enjoyable. Game is based on Desktop TD, but this version ( V1.0 ) is so rough, but so unique. Unlike the DTD games there are no shortcut keys, makes it harder, but more fun at the end.-White-Wolf-

Finally 1st Alltime on Xenotactic :) By far one of the most enjoyable TD game's. Mission 6 is just brilliant. Very hard. My score of 12k+ was from getting to LV 93 ( Air ) The air creep's on 93 are over 100,000 health point's each, so i sold up DCA tower's after 86 and made the most of the extra cash. I never lost a single life to a land enemy ( As i Juggle land creep's ) Brilliant 5* rating from me, I've had to work on my gameplay alot to get this score. Recommend :)-White-Wolf-

There will be asecond try to break the record!quix

Getting closer to all time record!quix

Nice symetric number!quix

DAAAAMN......This Game Is Pretty Hard But Very Very VERY Addictive I Love IT :)Dfuzz1987


quite hard... BUT DAMN ADDICTING - YAAAAAARRRGGHH!!!byrdeemus


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