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 TransFormers Energon 
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TransFormers Energon

See full instructions inside TransFormers Energon arcade game.

Play TransFormers Energon Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
61,146 Plays   4.0 (23 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 1,305

Recent play by GreekLover.


Comments about TransFormers Energon:

i use to be able to do a easy 2000pts on TransFormers Energon,but i gues they have change it a bit,boring a little bit ,but still a good idear of a game.SANMAN

OH YEH I GOT 1ST POSITIONharshdeepsandhu1999


I love TransFormers Energon it is boring its fun and cool my score was 250 because i killed alot of dicepticons It was very fun but I have to get of the computer now my turn is finished.Classic Nz

thats has to be the most boring game ever i'v played a lot of the transformers games and i would not pay any money for TransFormers Energon if it was for sale.aussie557

this is very hard and boring my score was 90 some times i fire everywhere and the minecoolkevin

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