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 Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge 
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Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge

See full instructions inside Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge arcade game.

Play Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
124,992 Plays   3.6 (23 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 10,950
All-Time Highscore: 42,850

Recent play by smokey6661.


Comments about Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge:

This game is harder than it looks :P It requires Luck not skill. I lost in the Semis. Be careful in the 8 top teams. The first round is easy, but once you get in the semis, they save your every shot. Also wish for good matchups, Juventus always seems to beat me. Thats all the tips I can share. BTW I will beat the finals and win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someday, I WILL. MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stormslifer

Paul Richard Muldoon born on the 6/1/97 is the bestpaulsuarez

Man U should have its own game named after them ;)Gunnar002

Man, lost to Liverpool in the Finals. Beckham was making a sham of those lower team goalies. I don't know how you get 42,000, you must have to hit every single shot. Oh well.Love Buzz

Top Scorer should buy a lottery ticket. The goalkeeper can save every shot you can do, and will dive the right way most of the time. You need to be very lucky to top score Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge...Lahrio

its a kind of hard game but is fun.carlos castillo

This game is hard, there is no sure way to score I see, Liverpool FC Euro Penalty Challenge gets addicting too, I finally got top score =) -RealGENIUS-RealGENIUS

coolmoving up

oh yes everyday I am playing a new game and having a lot of fun. 'Soccer is one game that I never have played, and it looks like a rough and tough game just from watching on the tube. Well I have more games to explore so back at you.sax556

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