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See full instructions inside Astro-Panic arcade game.

Play Astro-Panic Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
13,266 Plays   4.2 (18 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 29,525
All-Time Highscore: 79,705

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Astro-Panic:

This is a really basic but extremely fun game. I honestly thought it would be "eh",but it turns out it's actually great. It's fast pace,pretty good graphics,and it's the type of game that's easy to pick up and hard to put back down. Hopefully I'll be able to beat the all time high score eventually.Salvador_Senpai

i really enjoyed it but then it sorta got too hard too fast maybe...reganz

Astro-Panic reminds me of space invaders and that was a good game so i relly enjoy thisyoshie

I would have had a better time with this game if there wasn't such a strong "bad luck" element to it. I didn't like how some of the enemies descended at such inescapable angles. Every time I lose a life, it's because I literally can't get out of the way of an incoming enemy. I feel as though this detracts from the skill element that Astro-Panic is supposed to convey.Ernie

This game is deceptively cool, because it seems simple at first, but then when you learn the strategy and the scoring you realize that there's a lot more to it, and that its a really great game. The music is great, i agree. Very minimal, using the lo-tech early game style instrumentation, but a little more advanced overall, with the baseline etc, to call truly of the original videogame era. Seems like more like from the game-boy age music wise.thestorm529


This was more fun than I expected! Did they really have THAT sort of music back then with these classic arcade games?garyoak99

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