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 UFO Recording 
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UFO Recording

See full instructions inside UFO Recording arcade game.

Play UFO Recording Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
9,060 Plays   3.1 (16 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 790
All-Time Highscore: 1,078

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about UFO Recording:

I saw a few ufos and maybe 1 frisbeereganz

I agree, UFO Recording is mostly luck. Sometimes the ufos are slower and hover around longer etc. There is no method to which side they fly out from either as far as I can see, and yes this could of been a unique cool game if they had put more thought into it.Mind0verMatter

This game is tough, needs zoom and different levels i.e.sceneryEurekaRaider

Mmmm yea bad game i think, had potential to be a good unique game but there had to more work done to the game with more level's ect,this set up is basically 10% skill 90% luck.DGG


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