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 Kirby Treasure Caves 
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Kirby Treasure Caves

See full instructions inside Kirby Treasure Caves arcade game.

Play Kirby Treasure Caves Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
156,552 Plays   4.2 (31 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 358,580
All-Time Highscore: 415,920

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Comments about Kirby Treasure Caves:

Wow i like this and will play more on Kirby Treasure CavesGuerry

yea i got in 1st place for high scores monthley yea yea yeauiopfdsa8

cool :-DFeegee

That record is about to be mine!!! No way "Thumbs" will beat me!!!jigadre

Yeah baby!! Finished Kirby Treasure Caves. I don't know how in the world you can crack 400,'s just not possible.jigadre

Yeah baby!!! High score of the month!!! Jigadre is the best at Kirby Treasure Caves....for the month.jigadre

Here I go again dying before 300,000! I'm plan on getting that high score even if it takes me all night to do it!!!jigadre

There is nooooooo waaaaaaay I should be dying before 300,000 but yet I keep doing it over and over again!!!jigadre

Man I had this!!! I got distracted and ended up sealing myself off from the door! Oh least my Giants are in the WS!jigadre

Whyzer Did It!Whyzer

Kirby!! Such a great game, extremely difficult at times though but that's what I like about it. It really makes you think.DissonantMuse


You need to be aware that what is SAFE one time may get you KILLED another time.DDT

Kirby Treasure Cavesmiapen77

itz so fun and very addictive.....lolololololol i <3 Kirby Treasure Caves.....and itz so crazykrystalbaby95

I got the 4THh highest high score TODAY!!!mushroomheady


great game :)Millie29

this is cool and awsomejeffreyup

in me cless i am i an the fainlsjeffreyup

i am in a tronemt in my classjeffreyup

that was harder than i thought it will beSonicdelta

Treasure Caves 2
Treasure Caves 2
Kirby Star
Kirby Star

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