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 6Bit Pixel Force 
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6Bit Pixel Force

See full instructions inside 6Bit Pixel Force arcade game.

Play 6Bit Pixel Force Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
31,356 Plays   3.4 (18 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 19,466,600

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Recent play by Mimeke.


Comments about 6Bit Pixel Force:

even though i suck at 6Bit Pixel Force, its good. you know what it could use, though? customizable controls!mariofan1012

Towards the last level there's an exploit after you kill this blue stingray looking thing on the ground, Jewels, crowns, diamonds and necklaces keep appearing over and over =) I also made a video of it. This game was fun up until I found the exploit, but I decided to go ahead and rack up the score anyway.Inevitable2011

Hard and frustrating but fun and excitingMarioFan101

Kinda fun, though I didnt play it for more than 2 minutes, This game moves fast and I fell off the cliff 3 times jumping lol. =..(EmC2Games

6Bit Pixel Force sucks!jude3,000

It's tough to say whether it's a bad game; it just feels truly retro! It feels funny playing something like this with THAT kind of music though. Graphics do make it feel like playing something from the '80s at best!garyoak99

bad game that is not coolSonicdelta

still not my bestmshmsh

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