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See full instructions inside Pang arcade game.

Play Pang Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
97,547 Plays   3.1 (29 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 39,200
All-Time Highscore: 791,090

Recent play by LalinGouki.


Comments about Pang:

This is just like that pig game (don't remember the name) I'm not very good at being able to get under the balls and aim.GinnyBoyd

Addictive game, died on purpose at 200K, just don't have the time to continue. Love the background art work as every level you progress through changes. Levels repeat after level 10 & you earn one Xtra life every 10K. Levels 9 & 10 split the massive ball ASAP, once you can breeze through those two levels the rest of the game is a cake walk. Also remember you start the next level where you finished the last so don't finish later levels right against the wall ... 4*'s-White-Wolf-

A very fun/ good game although it's to much like bubble troubleNick.P

I'm usually pretty good at dodging games but man this one is hard. I keep geting smacked around by little balls, medium balls and big balls. :)Destroyer

The smallest balls are so hard to see! I suggest darker backgrounds for Pang in order to make it more fun.Ernie

I keep dying before I can move....there must be a trick but I cant figure it out =/Greenfox

This game is great because I have played this along time ago You can play along time on this type of game Its been a while but I still enjoy Pang Every time I playjohnnight

Well that was sad, i was at 40,000 going well to get gold medal, i died and the level kept going so i couldnt continue,what a bad glitch,fustrating would have got gold.DGG

this remake of pang is very slow the original pang is much much better than this cruddy flash versionDeathshot

Decent game - i just wish i was better at it!neeraffa

this is fun and hardkingmaris

I don't like Pang very much, gets boring FAST!, it's ok I guess.AngelicHumanForce

what is the point of the game? i dont get it.mastermatt12334

bla Pang reekspotfest

WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO I am soo good at Pang!!!!Miss Priss

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Pany Pang 2
Pany Pang
Pany Pang
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Pany Pang 3

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