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See full instructions inside Subluceo arcade game.

Play Subluceo Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
4,974 Plays   2.3 (9 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 577
All-Time Highscore: 103,153

Recent play by Mimeke.


Comments about Subluceo:

This is surprisingly addictive!msidoh

Yes same as you tatty had around 30k and spaceship dissapeared?! gutted! wonder how top score's got it lol.owell time to move on.good game otherwise, keep a look out for the Green + Blue power up's...Health + 2X score.DGG

well the hell as my spaceship gone to i had over 30.000 and doing great.tatty

theirs some glitchs, but i guess the game is fun but its annoying bo bo

Sometimes when i play subiuceo one of two things happen - my 'spaceship' dissapears or joust stops shooting..... strangeneeraffa

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