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 Bomb Jack 2 
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Bomb Jack 2

See full instructions inside Bomb Jack 2 arcade game.

Play Bomb Jack 2 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
51,252 Plays   3.4 (25 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 5,900
All-Time Highscore: 1,531,300

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Bomb Jack 2:

Well grindcorefreak, I'll have to settle for second. Very nice score and a record KeepeR.PIX

kinda coolQ-bert95

Bomb Jack 2 is fun addictive and hard but yet still classic and known to many people in the world.yoshie

i used to play Bomb Jack 2 a lot a few years ago but i dont remember where i put the game so now i cant play it and you did a good job on the game and i think that the worst part is that enemies can spawn right on your character and take away your last like that you have.yoshie

Same old anomalies that bait your death in Bomb Jack 2. But still brings back a good memory of what once was.PIX

Hi yaPIX


Thanks Grind, just noticed your comment.PIX

I love t try to beat it!PIX

Should show 1st & 2nd highest score by me, he he.PIX

I'm back.....LOLPIX

Nice one PIX. At last someone who can beat me.grindcorefreak

Missed the all time high score by 86,700. I will get it soon enough. It will have to do for now.PIX

Thanks... mainly to me, Arcade Boss, did I already mention me.PIX

closer.. and closer.PIX

I will have the all time high score.PIX

Getting my stride.PIX

I will beat my high score by a lot. Mysterious Anomalies in game PLAY or not.PIX

I still love Bomb Jack 2!PIX

Finally busted a decent high-score. I recently found this very similar to the original stand-up arcade @ this suite. Brings back lots of memory's. Years ago I used to play the stand-up version @ the local liquor store, & was very good @ it. Once I played it for several hours, broke past the 100th level, & got over 1 million seven hundred thousand points on an "S" coin credit. The store owner placed a make shift all time high-score billboard with the exact score. level, & estimated time of play on the machine. Man I felt like a video gamer hero! Thanks for the game play "Arcade Boss" PIXPIX

I hate it when you die because you were chasing after the power pellet!garyoak99

Thanks for the tip, thestorm529! It helped me improve my all-time best when I thought I couldn't improve my all-time score in Bomb Jack 2! It also feels faster than the other Bombjack game too.garyoak99

Just got 1,255,000. Damn it. Almost beat my highest score. 2 million is my next target.grindcorefreak

I did it, i got the million plus some.grindcorefreak

It's a cool classic game but I suck at it.Destroyer

very fun game !!!I like it alot!!! just got to get better at it!!!kellyklan5

the easiest game in the world!!THE KING


Thought this was gonna be kinda like bomberman when I saw the name and pic, guess not, I still like it though, gonna come back and play it more later too.EmC2Games

The best tip I can give you all for this game is that the levels repeat after 10, so 11 is exactly like 1. Choose levels that you can get the firebomb bonus on, and the ones that you cant, just conservatively clear the board. There are some levels that are too hard, so i just try to be safe, knowing that i can get the big firebomb bonus on the easy ones, when they repeat again. Good luck folks! - S.thestorm529

boomshakalaka, no.1 chiefrocka... ;-)pollux74

respect, unbelievable Highscore it looks impossible for me to beat this score but now motivation's back because there's finally a opponent / challenge, thanks ;-) ...if you don't know this site then take a look:pollux74

Sweet! I did it and then some! I actually got a perfect on a level I hadn't reached before! I almost got another one, when one of those sneaky guys dropped down on me. Didn't even see it coming! Oh well. Good luck folks! The challenge has been set!thestorm529

Almost had the high score! I'm going to get it, I've figured out how to do it. Now I just have to execute the plan!!! The tough part about Bomb Jack 2 is that even the slightest mistake is so costly in your super bonus, but that's what makes it challenging too!!!thestorm529

I'm getting there... its all about the fire bomb bonus!!!thestorm529

This is a very tough game. Excellent score pollux! I don't know if I can beat that, but I'll give it a shot...thestorm529

No. 1pollux74


a LITTLE harder? Try MUCH harder!garyoak99

a little harder than it looksGoldfairy50

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