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 Raiden 2s Part B 
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Raiden 2s Part B

Raiden 2s Part A is a popular game in the Raiden Series! Jump right into an epic battle with a Raiden Boss. Good luck. Arrow Keys to Move, CTRL to Fire and SPACE to Bomb.

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Raiden 2s Part A - Raiden 2s Part B - Raiden X

Play Raiden 2s Part B Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
44,557 Plays   2.4 (24 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 12,629
All-Time Highscore: 13,159,796

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Raiden 2s Part B:

to survive the first fight you have to dodge the blue lasers he shoots which will kill you automatically it seemsTenchithepimp

Holy hell lol, I think I should consider myself lucky that I got the score I gotSouthP

I won gold medal # 49 on Raiden 2s Part B. It's tough but I figured out how to get 1 million points. Collect as many of the purple power ups as you possibly can because that works the best and once you have it upgraded all the way and you collect another one, you get 80,000 bonus points.Destroyer

Dumb. Im usually not one to complain, but dude, seriously!? A boss in the beginning of the game? That just makes no sense. You could have at least gave people a chance to level up thier weapons. Sry dude, this is a FAIL. Complete waste of timecboy4001

who in the world thought that it was a good idea to make a SUPER hard boss in the beggining of the freaking game? 1*waterwillow8

Stupidest shooting game ever! I had the best ammo and everything and I still get killed by the 2nd boss. They just simply have too many bullets and missles to shoot at you. You can have the best dodging skills in the world and still have a HARD TIME beating that boss. It's pointless.Destroyer

WORST GAME EVER! this takes the cake right here. who makes a game and makes you face a hard boss 1st,ok so i beat him right had minimum health left,took like two bullets to kill me,REALLY!!wow avoiding this with pleasure.Rated 1*DGG

The important point is that you must avoid being killed by the initial boss (watch out for his laser beams). Right after he disappears, there are power ups and more importantly, a fairy that replenishes your health. You are then on your way to a nice shooting game.epepepp

hell yeaNightcrawler12388

Im realy into shmups, and rarely find one i do not like at all, but this one i do not like. The other raiden games are good, but i hate how this one starts you off with an extremely hard boss, that is frustratingly hard. Also, even if you beat him, it is hard to get very far past that. Overall, i found Raiden 2s Part B to be a bore. 2/10pathlion

the other ship has too much fire power. Raiden 2s Part B too me for me may try some other time.rochelle

i figured how to submit my score aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeessssssssss ssoooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee ggggggggaaaaaaaaaaammmeeeeeeeee...Hasnain

when i beat the boss of part a and go further after i am destroyed i cant submit my score it does not give the option of submit but only play again.Hasnain

hated itthe young one

Who asked Zookeeperz about space shoot'em ups? ;)garyoak99

Impossible game. Waste of time .zookeeperz

Raiden 2s Part A
Raiden 2s Part A
Raiden X
Raiden X

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