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 Lord Of War Creeps Revenge 
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Lord Of War Creeps Revenge

Prevent the creeps traveling the length of the path by building defense towers along the way in this tower defense game.

Controls = Use your mouse to select towers and place them on the map.

Tip: Don't let the creeps complete their path, by building defense towers along the way in this tower defense game.
Note: For high scores here, ignore the 'POINTS' completely. Submitted scores are only for amount of GOLD. (So best at the end to have sold all your towers for maximum cash in hand)

Play Lord Of War Creeps Revenge Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
13,752 Plays   3.8 (17 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 4,070

Recent play by DERAILED.


Comments about Lord Of War Creeps Revenge:

A little repetitive, but still fun.blacklotus

That was pretty wicked!!Coolkid

This is an awesome gameCoolkid

fun game. Tower defense type games are definitely great strategy games. I only wish their were more on this site!SmokeyQuartz

I remember that i gave you one tip about how works the final score. Anyway i tell you how works this again. TIP: YOUR FINAL SCORE ARE YOUR POINTS IN GOLD, NOT YOUR POINTS IN SCORE. There are 40 levels to complete the game, I advise you TO SELL ALL THE TOWERS BEFORE THE END GAME, to get more GOLD and then you final score will be all the gold that you got in the game end. For example, if you got 3,500 in Gold and 8500 in points, then your final score saved will be 3,500. Good Luck [GMM-110221]LalinGouki

awesome game im addicted but i dont think about selling off until its too late.i just had a score of 8321.maybe next time i will sell and get 2nd place.DERAILED

Eureka. I beat highscore. I get the FIRST PLACE AGAIN. yessss. I can do it!!! RETRIEVE MY FIRST PLACE AGAIN Score 3,891 091108.ryu2009

I just reached Level#35, cash 94, `score` 6930, towers 1 (250 @ max?) - and my Submitted score was indeed 94. But by no means every time is it simply your money - maybe that's only at higher levels ?Eagle_Kiwi

instead of your actual score it submits the money you havenitestalker

hey nice games but sometimes you get very very bored.but any way i got thy elf tower i got three elf towers and I got up to level19 I also had about 221 dollars. when your score is like 1050 why dont you come 1st or 2cd or3rd It sucks!!!!!!!!!! I got about 1234 points and look I ONLY CAME 7th it must not calculate properly:( IT MAKE ME ANGRY!!!!!!!!!! but i still like the game well thats al I wanted to say.THE END by Fenuss Phoenix:)Fenuss Phoenix

I stink at tower defence gamesspike


670=56, 671=58, 753=43, 1212=98, 1294=58, 2412=120, 2435=83 !? Obviously not a direct relationship between 1 score system and the other. Maybe forces/cash on hand, or highest level reached also have some bearing. (But gee, it'd be nice to *know* :-( )Eagle_Kiwi

Hmmmph. Score of 1212 = "98". Oh well, I guess it's all relative.Eagle_Kiwi

GRRRRRRR - Lord Of War Creeps Revenge doesn't GIVE you the score it SAYS it gives you. . . I just clearly scored 670 ("Your Score 670 - Submit Score, converted by BuZZ") - but on AB it gives me just 56! :-( :-(Eagle_Kiwi

If you know how other Tower Defence games work; you will know how to play this one too! ;)garyoak99

How does Lord Of War Creeps Revenge calculate the score? It's not just based on what level you get to.Nobilianna

what the hell it depends about the levels except for points ppl are just not fare!!Sm3lLy BuDz

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