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 SpongeBob Spitwad Showdown 
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SpongeBob Spitwad Showdown

Controls: Use your mouse to move sponge Bob and click to fire.

Play SpongeBob Spitwad Showdown Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
93,666 Plays   2.8 (13 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 13,175
All-Time Highscore: 115,987

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about SpongeBob Spitwad Showdown:

Oh my Wow! Weird but very fun spitting spit balls back and forth in the sea! Fun Very Fun I tell ya makes ya feel like a kid again.GinnyBoyd

Mega mega fun, for the first 3 minutes until you realise how long you have to play. I agree with ladyluck27, keep the high score. Maybe the game should have become much more difficult, much sooner? It's good though, crazy like Crash Bash lolQueenieB

VERY VERY VERY VERY FUN FUN FUN FUN. This is a very cute game. I love SpongeBob. I'll be playing SpongeBob Spitwad Showdown again oh yes yes oh yes.RachelMV

SpongeBob Spitwad Showdown is pretty easy but it takes a while to get at least 10,000 points.pipdude

I hate playing a game for so long, just to give up over boredom. The scoring needs to be alot different.. Maybe higher scores as you move up the levels!? Either way this is one high score you guys can have :)ladyluck27

wow great game maybe i get up score if i keep play thisGuerry

first aaaaaaaaagain wooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh=yeah babyGovinda

It's kinda gross i guess. :D :D :D :D :-D :.(AllTheHannah

This is a fun and addicting game. I am not sure how the points really works, but who cares.marcman88

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