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 Max Dirtbike 
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Max Dirtbike

Level codes for Max Dirtbike. Level 1: 12345 Level 2: 18945 Level 3: 98423 Level 4: 21658 Level 5: 84362 Level 6: 27412 Level 7: 19735 Level 8: 46823 Level 9: 84625 Level 10: 13859 Level 11: 14789 Level 12: 36987 Level 13: 15973 Level 14: 85296 Level 15: 76248 Level 16: 13548 Level 17: 50483 Level 18: 93812 Level 19: 48662

Click on Max Dirtbike and soon as the screen comes up to press start, press enter level code and enter the level code for level 19. Quickly crash bike and press the spacebar to enter your time.

Play Max Dirtbike Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
49,290 Plays   3.7 (26 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 19
All-Time Highscore: 19

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Max Dirtbike:

the scoring system on Max Dirtbike is terrible and shouldn't be used as a tournament or ever a high score all you have to do is enter the coe for lvl 19 crash and boom you have the high score in 30 secondsTenchithepimp

I love lampSlimChance340

easy a little hard but i beat the gamepowersteal

This game was harder than it looked but hey i tryed to play itMxz18

omg. i cant even get over the first bump on the second level lol. so sad lol and i used to rock at that game . lol ah well cant be perfect.roseanne01

Max Dirtbike put me on crunk modeDeathRover

Zuper game - and not so easy -.-kekega

good game you dont got better onceitan

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. man Max Dirtbike is so hard. u fall and u lose. but eh its just a game its pretty cool though. two thumbs up on Max Dirtbike!!!!!!!!lilking89

This game is soooo but hard but yet soooo cool.Squirtle102

TrevorFreakinGriggs sucks at Max DirtbikeLinker

I guess I am not very good at Max Dirtbike. Probably takes a younger guy or gal that knows a lot more than I do. But I tried it.sax556

Max Dirtbike gets on my nervesliv4softbal

Max Dirtbike is hard as hell but a cool game that is hao i like games har it is so cool yooo:)luis loco despistao

This game is so easy, ANYONE can do'ed it even those who don't know what they're doing, lol!sevencube3

Maxi Yatzy
Maxi Yatzy
Max Damage
Max Damage

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