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 Aviator Imp 
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Aviator Imp

See full instructions inside Aviator Imp arcade game.

Play Aviator Imp Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
17,700 Plays   2.7 (16 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 7,671
All-Time Highscore: 9,915

Recent play by Mimeke.


Comments about Aviator Imp:

I think half the people are gone before the logo goes awayhoop2cool

Okay that's enough logo's for me, I'm outa here.casinogiant

I always land in the GD tornado!!!!casinogiant

This is a prime example of a game that would be better if you didn't have to go through 30 secs of intro, 15 secs of submission, for 5 secs of game.casinogiant

broke my record that was around for 4 years complete luck nah all skill just got to get the timing of the plane downTenchithepimp

greeny you stiff....bleasy82

greeny how the f... have you got yoursel a all time 3rd place??????????? you stiff..........sulph74

Well i vote Aviator Imp is complete luck, so long as you get a good start then its luck as it is completely random what apears infront of you.dont like games of luck so moving on :)DGG

i cant belive it i am now 2nd place on the all time score board.tatty

i have read eagle kiwis comment wicth on the last bit he said that it might be a technique with the side ways arrow keys but i recon its all about when you take off and if you take off with little power all alot off power and sometimes it is down to luck because you could have any object in front off you like a ballon all airoplain all something nasty.tatty

i cant beleve it i have just got 6 667 points wich took me yesterday and today to do and it puts me 5th places on the all time score board and its made me happy.tatty

Why isn't there a retry button? you shouldn't have to go through the whole intro every time you want to try.300skullz

Ugh! Those pitchforks are nasty! What whirlpools though? Where were these whirlpools?garyoak99

I'd agree it's not a great game - I'm surprised that would produce something like this - but hey, it's not THAT bad !? - but MAYBE there's a 'technique'!? with those sideway arrow keys that we just haven't mastered yet ?Eagle_Kiwi

Absolutely rubbish game. Pointless. Even if you follow instructions you still end up in the whirl pools.zookeeperz

this is a poor game, not up 2 usual standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!neeraffa

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