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 Lucky Coins 
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Lucky Coins

Three stages, three coins. Drop your coin by clicking the mouse button. Magnets will trap the coin, click again to release. Bumpers are worth 1 to 10 points. Small stars are 25 points, large stars are 50 points. Lucky symbols are worth 100 points each.

Play Lucky Coins Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
29,316 Plays   3.8 (52 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 20,609
All-Time Highscore: 31,310

Recent play by JOJOANNEKE.


Comments about Lucky Coins:

what a nice skills Game,Love it :) and grats to sax for the all time Highscore,welldone,beating nearly a 10 year Record.tatty

it is not so easy as it looks like. But I like the game a lot. And with some training I will surely improve my scoreā€¦.020510dekriz

I love Lucky Coins even though it's not really challenging or anything I still like to shoot the coin around every once in awhile and see where my luck will see me.GinnyBoyd

I love it Love it love it! I don't know if anyone has ever played the game bumper stars well I love that game but not many sites have it. This is kinda the same idea and I just love it.GinnyBoyd

Addicting!! I love the fact that this doesn't rely only on luck but also skill. Good game to just pass time and have fun.bet1990

one of the better games I think :Dreganz

This is plain easy, just like playing pinko games, its also requires luck but changing it with the incentive power-up on the tables. Still, Lucky Coins is good but needs more stuff to put in like more gadgets and other stuff.legoman10

this is alot of fun, its like plinko! haha it reminds me of peggle and plinko mixed together, fun and not much skill required, just luck!SmokeyQuartz

nice :)rotateh

Very simple concept that keep you goin back for more. I really do enjoy this game. Something about it, it's that lil smiling coin I think lolthebluesamurai

it kind of sucks that you dont at least have a little bit of control over the cins.. maybe a flipper or two lol would rock lol good game thoughroseanne01

cool gameprince1999

Lucky Coins is simple n thats why i like it soooooooooooooooooooooo much play it its fun :DBELLADONNA

I like Lucky Coins.. no need to think really!!!lilymoon

This game is so addictive!! You find yourself goin gback again and again and if your score is not high enough after your first coin you might as well start over. I wish were there were more games like this rather than the tons of crappy pinball games that get made. Some are good but most are the same old same old.jamjshoe

Really enjoyed this one/just a simple game that you just let it do its thing until a ball is caught.Its kind of fun to get the all all the way back to the top when its almost at the bottom.geoman3

getting thereANGEL M

almostANGEL M

im doing okANGEL M

its okANGEL M

pretty nice game but not too interactive, it could be nice to see some more interactivity in this type of game, i know that it is pretty hard for a game like this but well made it could be really interestingMoronstabber

At first I thought Lucky Coins was pretty stupid, but some how I seem to have gotten addicted,christie crozier

fun game like to play it alotsexy.zombiechick

its so easy!!!!bobbyjacksfriend

This is a nice game, the pinball-pachinko-casino feel of the game is fun.ArcadeBoss

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