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 Star Castle 
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Star Castle

The object of Star Castle is to destroy an enemy cannon which sits in the center of three concentric, rotating energy shield rings while avoiding or destroying 'mines' enemies that spawn from the core, pass through the energy rings, and then home in on the player's ship. They can stick back to the shield if the player maneuvers in such a way that a ring is between the ship and the mines. The player-controlled spaceship can rotate, thrust forward, and fire small projectiles. The cannon's shields are composed of twelve sections each, and each section takes two hits to destroy. Once a section is breached, rings beneath it are exposed to fire.

Once the innermost ring has been breached, the central weapon is vulnerable to attack from the player. However, the player is also more vulnerable at this point, as with the shield rings eliminated, the gun can fire out a large projectile. Moreover, the central core tracks player movement at all times. If the player manages to hit the cannon, it explodes violently, collapsing the remnants of the shield rings, and the player is awarded with an extra ship. The next level then starts with a new gun and fully restored shield rings, with the difficulty increased (the mines move faster, the rings rotate more quickly, and the core tracks the player faster).

If the player completely destroys the outermost shield ring, the cannon will create a new one. The middle ring expands to replace the lost outer ring, the inner ring replaces the middle, and a new ring emerges from the core to become the inner ring. In order to penetrate the cannon's protections, one must be careful not to completely obliterate the outer ring.

The three homing mines will destroy the player's ship on contact. The mines can be destroyed, but they are very small and difficult to hit, and the player does not receive points for destroying them. Mines are revived when shield rings regenerate (some variants keep three mines churning constantly so that a new mine respawns from the core as soon as one is destroyed). As the player progresses through the levels, the mines get faster and faster, forcing the player to keep moving to avoid them.

Used by permission of GNU Free Documentation License, from Wikipedia.

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Comments about Star Castle:

This Game Is RockinRoll Osta La Vegas . . . . From PinkF48 in Seattle,Wa .PinkF48

I Played This game befor when the StarCastle Game came out in 1978 At a Washington State Farre Ternamul in Seattle and thats when some one in seattle told me . That the same Arcade Vid/Game is at a Shopping Mall called . THE GOLD MINE and The 2ed one Arcade Place in the shopping mall is called THE SILVER TOKIN Arcade in Tukwella , Washington and so . I Went thear and played the game untail i got to be a Pro star in it with a high scor of 34'400and something of points . I Like the game sences it Came out in the Eurley Sprean of 1978 . . . . That is all from PinkF48 in Seattle,Wa .PinkF48

i hate Star Castlemagex

And Im winner for this month yea !!!! This game is easy to compete with for members on this site!!! YEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!amoneymaker

This reminds me of that starrings game.Dark Arcade

Man, my shooting finger hurts.Maurer

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