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 3D Superball 
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3D Superball

See full instructions inside 3D Superball arcade game.

Play 3D Superball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
20,088 Plays   3.4 (30 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by ExperTasos.


Comments about 3D Superball:

HIgh score of the month!! wooo!!!ryan800x

Tough addictive game, All-Time score has finally fallen after holding for over 4 years. 4*'s-White-Wolf-

hahaha... take that 51 =)l3g3nds

someone keeps one upping me and it's making me mad but i improve each time so ill get em...l3g3nds

When I registered at ArcadeBoss,I thought I would never beat any ALL-TIME HIGHSCORE!!!But now,I found many games that I can be the ALL-TIME BOSS,like this!!!I know the best score I can have is 1500 points(if you beat me I'll do it)!!!I'll try to do 1500 on crazymonkeygames... And about TOURNAMENT BOSS,I'll keep writing comments and send post in the forum,to earn some credits and create a tournament!!!!!... Also,I want to say that I wanted to lose at 300 points(Time stopped when I had 81 points)!!!TASOS131313

Very difficult game. It takes a lot of skill to build a streak. I had several short streaks, ended up getting 17. But I beat Ernie.Love Buzz

Well, that's awfully weird. The ball just disappeared in the middle of the level. It appeared it either went offscreen somehow or just vanished. Perhaps I kicked it too hard?Ernie

It's ok, the other one like it where you keep the ball in the air is better. The music is horrible too.RealGENIUS

It's tough and challenging certainly but it seems boring to me.garyoak99

My ball keeps disappearing. Does this happen to anybody else?KimLeeChang

Havent played 3D Superball before. It is tough and challenging. So I am going to have to work on this one. It certainly is worthy of a tournament.sax556

that game is so much fun. I love it. I could so play that all day. I wish you had more time that would be even better. All you do is hit the ball was hard as you can. Wow that is fun.sharkjaws16

Cannot see any purpose to 3D Superball .Boring and virtually impossible to master.zookeeperz

Completely addictive and challenging... certainly one worthy of a tournament.Mr Jepps Se

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