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 Bandit Ludo 
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Bandit Ludo

See full instructions inside Bandit Ludo arcade game.

At the start of the game, the player's four pieces are placed in the start area of their colour.
Players take it in turn to throw a single die. A player must first throw a six to be able to move a piece from the starting area onto the starting square. In each subsequent turn the player moves a piece forward 1 to 6 squares as indicated by the die. When a player throws a 6 the player may bring a new piece onto the starting square, or may choose to move a piece already in play. Any throw of a six results in another turn.
If a player cannot make a valid move they must pass the die to the next player.
If a player's piece lands on a square containing an opponent's piece, the opponent's piece is captured and returns to the staring area. A piece may not land on square that already contain a piece of the same colour (unless playing doubling rules; see below).
Once a piece has completed a circuit of the board it moves up the home column of its own colour. The player must throw the exact number to advance to the home square. The winner is the first player to get all four of their pieces onto the home square. [credit: Wikipedia]

Get all your pieces home first

Controls: Mouse Button Click

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33,312 Plays   3.3 (12 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,753
All-Time Highscore: 7,201

Recent play by Julie.


Comments about Bandit Ludo:

Is there broad game?tdickensheets

I don't like red!tdickensheets

Is 2nd place ok!tdickensheets

I won IVtdickensheets

2 wins!tdickensheets

My first win.tdickensheets

Smokey I couldn't even manage that score, and I never seem to get the win bonus or speed bonus even when I win! Think the game has a mind of its own sometimes loldemonican9el

i scored 2100 in game not including my win bonus and then when my score submitted it said i only had 1200 points. Its that what you guys are referring to? Thats screwed up! lol I played a good game for that score dammitSmokeyQuartz

I agree with tatty, ive won & had a bad score, then I play again & the rules seemed to change? :/demonican9el

what a poopie game i maneage to win the game and still had a poopie score.its poopietatty

Super Bandit Bros.
Super Bandit Bros.

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