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 Beat Bubbles 
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Beat Bubbles

See full instructions inside Beat Bubbles arcade game.

Play Beat Bubbles Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
138,750 Plays   3.9 (34 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 20,255
All-Time Highscore: 69,560

Recent play by oroireoro.


Comments about Beat Bubbles:

Wow. I don't know what to think. The first time I didn't read the directions (Which I do this all the time) so I got what to do about the arrows pretty easily but... The space bar thingy at the end.. Lets just say Dah dah daaaahhhhhh. So second time around I read the directions which if you haven't played yet you really should do first and did better but I don't know what to think. Maybe more plays and I'll update ya all at a later time.GinnyBoyd

Huge fan of rhythm games, and as simple as this one is, it's insanely addicting! I always enjoy playing this one. :DDissonantMuse

The All-Time high score for Beat Bubbles is bogus, completely not mathematically possible.randompersun

oh i love Beat Bubbles it take a lot of my concentration aahhh!!!diana Q

The game does NOT register your score when you finish all 20 levels! Very annoying. It's better to make mistakes at the end so you have no lives left. The score gets registered then. Can this be fixed?ibrilman

I am hooked on Beat Bubbles. When I'm lucky I can come to level 18 or 19. But the level that always gives me some trouble is level 12 because the arrows are not in a straight line. I love Beat Bubbles.ibrilman

how the hell do i play this thing!? I hate you, moving on. ..SmokeyQuartz

ahhhh! third place! made it half way to level 12! darn.chungerr

Beat Bubbles was addicting and fun but again i didnt submit my score *sigh*taz775

Very addictive!!cmb0368

i love Beat Bubbles ;Dxxigor

and yeah I'm hinting at a certain "all time" score holderweiRDwei

my score is a perfect game with ZERO mistakes... any score above 67,000 is a fake one. it doesn't matter how fast you finish either because the bonus for time left only adds 5-90 AT THE MOST per level. the math doesn't add up if you know what I'm talking about.....weiRDwei

I Also Agree With winningchic It Is Addictive :DDfuzz1987

This is one of the most stupid games that I have ever played in my whole life.christie crozier

winningchic is definitely an apt name! I also agree with winningchic's opinion of the game. :)garyoak99

YES I GOT IT BACK!!!!!dferdayton

gees thats pretty hard u no that? thats my 1st time i ever done it! mayfly00mayfly00

Wow Beat Bubbles is addicting! Woot!!! I did it!!!! :)winningchic

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Beat Chaser

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