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 Highspeed Chase 
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Highspeed Chase

See full instructions inside Highspeed Chase arcade game.

Play Highspeed Chase Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
32,142 Plays   3.8 (24 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 44,761
All-Time Highscore: 156,283

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Highspeed Chase:

Pretty good game. I guess you have to drive as fast as you can while eliminating your targets. At least the traffic isn't too congested.Love Buzz

so easy evan a cave man can do it lolz sooo easy and orrrringsonicman

Whoever said this was a good game is going to hell.Dfuzz1987

This game sucks Vince with slap chop's nuts PINGAS!!!Dfuzz1987

one of the most awsomest games ive ever playedDanny Fence

This was another awesome game. A thrill to compete against targets and criminals. Very interesting and fun!ladylove73

this is easy as 6th grade and as easy as pieDeathRover

easy pesy lemion squekimmyann123

thats was okTrooper1516

i wish i did better! :(Trooper1516

Highspeed Chase is so easysoccer

i am the best at Highspeed Chasesoccer

Highspeed Chase is awsome!anvera0200

boring, dumb, and boring.chuckee67


This is the awesomest game ever!!!Boom box

I really love Highspeed Chase its the best game in the world I hope i get a lot of credits pointyopli

one of the best games i every playedsharkjaws16

All you have to do is destroy your three (or four) targets whilst mingling with the traffic @ 140 MPH that's basically all there is to Highspeed Chase!sevencube3

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