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Bounce the ball to the goal in 18 levels. Watch out for gravity and bouncy wall changes.

Controls: Click the ball then pull back and release to strike. Roll-over the white arrows or press arrow keys to move the camera. Use the mouse scroller or the slider on the menu to zoom in/out. Use the "reset ball" button to place the ball where it landed last.

Note: Due to an issue with this game scores below 1 will not be saved correctly.

Play Golphysics Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
6,816 Plays   2.7 (7 Votes)

Monthly Lowscore: 0
All-Time Lowscore: 1

Recent play by BugMeNot.


Comments about Golphysics:

the same thing happened to me...i was in the -20's and it submitted a positive score...i think the score might have something to do with strokes or strokes over par on the last hole or somethingbedem15

This game just ripped me off! I got 22 under par (-22) and when i wnet back to main menu to submit my score it game me a score of 22! (+22) Looks like it doesn't recognise a negative score :(neeraffa

to think i thought regular golf was hard Golphysics hurts my brainBELLADONNA

ARGHHHHHHHH! I scored zero. That's 'good' !? NO WAY - that was a weird glitch. My first time in here .... I played holes 1,2,3 then quit. Then returned, and tried the "continue my game" option - which then threw me into hole 11 !!! (AND showed some ID nothing to do with me - I think it was about 6 letters, all consonants!?). When I finished Hole 11 it had basically only a "Menu" option.... I took that, and BINGO.. I'm a Winner!?!?!? (Hey boss, please - if poss - REMOVE my score here. lolEagle_Kiwi

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