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 Jewels Jack 
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Jewels Jack

See full instructions inside Jewels Jack arcade game.

Play Jewels Jack Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
12,174 Plays   3.6 (14 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 40
All-Time Highscore: 47

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Jewels Jack:

I love Jewels Jack! It is kinda like minesweeper without the mines.nowurmessingwith

nah, every time Jack gets me, I see where I messed up. just a game of deduction. need patience.RollickyRuth

hmm, yeah the computer player is pretty difficult. I've always sucked at minesweeper anyway so I didn't expect to get a good score. I'll keep playing though, it's pretty addicting. :DDissonantMuse

very good game,but the computer is program for million of possibility.i ain see nobody beat the machine yet.grrrrrSANMAN

how do you get a high score ? i was winning 39 to 21 and it would not let me have another go when there was 21 more to find, waqs on for the top score...sulph74

oh my god the computer kicks my a** EVERY time!SmokeyQuartz

I dont game guessingwysamx

it is a good game but it is still hard to know where the jews are before the computer gets them.tatty

IT IS OKmamm

The computer is such a cheat! And there's me trying to work it out. But he's guessed them before I get a chance! How annoying!nicolasmith885

Sure, I agree the computer will often 'cheat' by guessing right a whole heap more than statistically it should - but to offset that it SOMETIMES misses obvious definite hit spots. this weakness more or less offsets the artificial 'strength', so overall it IS beatable. The minimum win score of 39 is not hard to achieve - but anything higher than that does get harder (and requires even more luck!)Eagle_Kiwi

True...I thought I was gonna get the high score but then he picked 9 straight without any hints =/Greenfox

Jewels Jack really sucks it is like the computer knows where the gems are and you don't stand a chance at betting it.aussie557

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