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15 levels

Play Wonderlines Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
16,248 Plays   3.6 (8 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by JOJOANNEKE.


Comments about Wonderlines:

It would seem to be the bombs so try not 2 do 4 in a row to avoid this problem. hope this helps : )@$_I_L@Y_DYING

I keep getting booted off at the end of level 15, very frustrating indeed.sinead

Thanks for the tips carltontx ;)neeraffa

on level 11 when there is nothing to click go to menu then back to game it will reload the level and give you a new level that will be playable. as for the freezing it seems to do it only on the bombs if you place diagnal and not up and down or left to rightcarltontx

2 things - Level 11 leaves you stuck... and the game freezes whenever it wants to!neeraffa

Got to Level 11 and then nothing to click - frustrating!annehyde

How do you get the game not to freeze?mladen

YEP IT'S A FREEZER.... Brrrrrrrrr.....suzi q

Level#5, Score 1280, froze right after a moved dynamite exploded.Eagle_Kiwi

Yes same problems here, froze on level 8....quite a decent game, but disappointed with it freezing...could of easily got the top score in Wonderlines, lol...wishful thinking on my behalf there...Julie

i have the same problem as Eagle_Kiwi . on level 8 the game froze and i couldn't continue.Wickuzo

2009-06-08: Ok, gave it a fresh try... but on my 3rd game - Level 3, score 710, just made a totally unabnormal move, and Whammo, locked tighter than Fort Knox. And I'm now on a totally different browser (Firefox based) to the IE-based one I used back in March. Dohhhhhh I refuse to believe noone else has lockups here - let's here from ya!Eagle_Kiwi

No, no freezes here. It didn't freeze most of the time even for you so I think it's a working game. No one else seems to be complaining about it in the comments too.garyoak99

2009-03-30: Hmmm, I've played 5 times, and on 2 of those the game froze tight partway thru. :-( Anyone else had freezes here ?Eagle_Kiwi

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