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See full instructions inside Virble arcade game.

Help Virlo on his Quest for the Golden Choobies.

Click and drag across letters to create words. Once a word is formed the tiles will turn orange. The letters will then rotate. The object is to fill the board with orange. Drag Choobies on to the tiles to help clear the board.

Controls: Mouse Button Click

Play Virble Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
149,280 Plays   4.1 (14 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 7,300
All-Time Highscore: 185,930

Recent play by TLR.


Comments about Virble:

Adventure Mode: This time I did ok up to level 1-5, but then it locked up trying to open 2-1, same as msidoh. Arghh. I suggest just stick to Free play mode!Eagle_Kiwi

For me, Adventure Mode was OK from stages 1-1 to 1-4, but it stopped loading when it tried to access stage 2-1msidoh

fun game but it just sits after I get past the first level...stage.rtkiii

game plays & loads up fine, but when you fail a level it doesn't load up again.demonican9el

I love the game - but loose interest when it takes soooooooooo long to load between each level and retry not workingLala100

Virble is stupidali-anna

.... and even after Free play mode, "Retry Level" does nothing (even with 2 or 3 lives still clearly showing).... tho at LEAST by a bit of fiddling u can then still get back to quit/submit score.Eagle_Kiwi

Free Play mode is fine, but seems the Adventure mode won't open !?Eagle_Kiwi

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