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 Jump Mario 
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Jump Mario

See full instructions inside Jump Mario arcade game.

Play Jump Mario Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
199,326 Plays   3.5 (43 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 5,100
All-Time Highscore: 38,800

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Jump Mario:

i stink at Jump Mario :-(youngmonkies

That feeling when you complete a game --> :) That feeling when you submit your score it submits as zero --> :( Great fun game, but don't finish level 3 if you want to register a score.-White-Wolf-

I SUCK at Jump Mario LOL!! Its SOOOO HARD!!rebeca242355

The game is really addicting and fun to play, I would give it 9/10D A R K W O L F

Jump Mario is awesomethesmoshfan23

I can not beat Jump Mario because it is so hardRey lopez

man its go fastjolly dude

Takes speed and timing, they should of added power ups and stuff though, overall it's a pretty good game, actually it's a good variation of the classic mario, who doesnt love mario games anyway? -RealGENIUS-RealGENIUS

Jump Mario is so hard i can never get pass level 1hotja

lol this is a fun one for sure. I have never seen this version of mario before but i like it even though i cant play it worth beans lol.roseanne01

I guess Jump Mario isn't too bad, why are there so many games that use the up arrow key to jump? The collision detection seems to be slightly off sometimes.GrayLemons

Mamammeye i lostMario & Sonic

i love Jump Mario..........zafar_vj

i have not seen a game like this ever before....... it is definitely a mind blowing game.......... everyone must play Jump Mario if they have can beat the best......zafar_vj

And finally......... i made it to the 3rd position now the trophy is mine......... soon i will be on the 1st position....................zafar_vj

Mario your Legacy Continues...........zafar_vj

this is a fantastic game........ Mario is forever............zafar_vj

It's AWESOME MAN........ Unbelievable.....Finally there are a few games which can really be not challenged.......... Mario Rocks.........:)zafar_vj

this is a superb game......... i liked it very much...........:)zafar_vj

2 all time/monthly highscorcledit

Jump Mario is awesome, keeps the blood rushing with every move, you have to be quick.shaggy261

Jump Mario rockssupersonic85

hard but AWSOMEArcademaster101

man this is one hard game the time run's out way too fast you don't even get the time to get to some of the coins which really suck it would make it a lot easier if the time was slowed down enough to get the money to raise your score.aussie557

Bah, i cant get past level 3... Pretty good game, i likes it! XDThienShin

man way too hard.way too hard for me i didnt even get past level one too hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddd for me.Hasnain

man way too hard.way too hard for me i didnt even get past level one too hhaarrddHasnain

i got level 4 on my first try.when i died it didnt submit my scorejd2593

wow on my first time I got to level 2Arcademaster101

great mario game !Wickuzo

Jump Mario is tight browluis loco despistao

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