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 Mario Mushroom Match 
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Mario Mushroom Match

Match three or more shrooms in a row to collect points. Unlike some other matching games, moves that don't result in a match are okay. Matching four mushrooms in a row is worth a lot more than three! Use your mouse to select two mushrooms and they will swap places.

Play Mario Mushroom Match Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
67,452 Plays   3.5 (36 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by zmbdog.

Comments about Mario Mushroom Match:

Good game but it did'nt let me sumit my score.jaceclay

@ carltontx, same here, where/how do you submit. At the end it displays your score with no other buttons and does not submit automatically. These games with score submission faults should be flagged as non tournaments games.-White-Wolf-

good game but there is no SUBMIT button so can't submit scorecarltontx

i like the game, wish the music was a little more original. but it was fun. After a couple times of play, the symbols on all the mushrooms stars to blend together and almost gave me a headache, i think it would have been a lot better if the mushrooms were SOLID colors but i still had funSmokeyQuartz

I realy could of did beder if there was no time limetross63

This is FUN!!Awesomanly

YES!!! #1 :) This game is under the skill games section, when in actuality, there is ALOT of luck on the next mushrooms that fall into place coming from the top.EmC2Games

this one good but i have played better matching gamesbarbara

yeah not bad but a bit boring, could have a few levels maybe make it a bit more exciting, I like how you can move objects without having to make a combo of 3 or more.roseanne01

me like musicsonic_0126

its a good gamedark sonic 617

I agree with AB; it's a simple game but it's fun! It was easier than I expected too! :)garyoak99

nice game16chime48pa

Simple time-limit matching game, not bad.ArcadeBoss

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