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Princess Pumpkin has been kidnapped by the evil Gordon Gruesome. He has hidden her 30 levels deep in his hideout. As Pumpkin Man, you must traverse all 30 mazes, collect all of the candy corn in each maze, and rescue the princess. Gordon has littered his mazes with blood thirsty bats, evil bananas, ghosts, and many other baddies. At your disposal are a host of power-ups. Collect the corn, use the power-ups, solve the puzzles in each maze and the princess will be yours once again.

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9,846 Plays   3.5 (13 Votes)

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Comments about Pumpkinman:

oh..lost my marks cuz it won't submit. but thats fine. had fun playing anyway. some level was very easy and some was a little tough. very similar to pacman but the ghost in Pumpkinman can change to opposite direction and that made it hard. but i ain't coming back no more, graphic was a little bit boring. :Pbet1990

Just as I remember it, fun but easy if youre good at at pac man, You get 5,000 bonus points for each life left after you beat it, be sure to get those bonus multipliers without dying, it's key to getting top score.Inevitable2011

Beat all 30 levels, at the last level(30) you save the princess pumpkin, The name of your pumpkin is percy too BTW lol. This game is as fun or even more fun than pac man.Im done.Game Over!AngelicHumanForce

Woot Woot, It's punkininny. lol, love pac man style games. Fun fun fun..AngelicHumanForce

Very cool pac-man style game, with a halloween feel, very challenging, fun and addictive. I loved it.AngelicHumanForce

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