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 Red Driver 
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Red Driver

3D rendered racing game. Dodge the traffic in this exciting, "crash-tacular" racing game!

arrow keys to move your car

Play Red Driver Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
217,776 Plays   3.3 (43 Votes)

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Last viewed by Aziiiz57.

Comments about Red Driver:

the loud techno actually makes me feel like a teenage ricer lol still, fun lil game indeedPallazo

I like Burnout Xbox.tdickensheets

TIP: The road and car positioning are the same every time. You get more points for staying in the left lane towards on coming traffic. The trick is practice, stay in the left lane as often as possible and note how much score you have every time theres an area in the left lane where you can't maneuver around traffic. Example: If you're in the left lane from the very beginning, you will have to switch to the right lane at about 550 points, go back to the left, and you will have to go to the right lane again at about 720 points. If you can take note and drive the same every time, you will excel ^.^ Good Luck!Sleep_Hurts


i drive like this in real life!jackndanni

Decent game, I hate that its the same thing everytime. One of those games, I'll play once and ditch.Love Buzz

Very nice, and different.MindHack2012

It's easy to get a Gold Medal here!sevencube3

Yes this is a GOOD game but it is flawed in the fact that it is completely random,just played 2 few games and got between 500-600ish but it is not thr same very time and in my last game 600+ the four cars were perfectly allined?! so you cannot pass that can you which i think should not happen.yes maybe the narrowest of gaps but not four allined cars with no hope to get through.if you are smart you spend 99% time on the right!! could just play until i get a lucky game i guess. Other than than good game and i like the realistic crashes lmao.DGG

wots the point in havin a game on & a pop up rite at the beginning in the middle of the screen & gettin killed in 1st 5 seconds coz u can't see wot u r doin?smurf0770


I love how it's the same every time. That way it's easy to get used to. ;)Ernie

Great game, if you think fast and move super quick, you'll nail it!ladylove73

it so funsoufian36

its coolangelwetech

still cant get any better lolroseanne01

wow just a bit to fast .. lol is all the games just fast.. or am i just getting too old and my eyes cant keep up with my hands lol good game. like itroseanne01

lol wow tough.. but all you have to do is remember where you went into the other lane.. memory.. because the course doesnt change.. theres a trick.roseanne01

i love Red Driver........ there should be price even for the developers of this game........ Red Driver is fabulous.......... even NFS cannot beat Red Driver.............zafar_vj

fantastic racing game..........zafar_vj

its a rush great game for fast points.. love Red Driver!!!!ridik81

Red Driver is pretty stupid, i'm surprised at the following that it has. i have to agree with Jackson on this one though, the wrecks are spectacular and very entertainingFred Trujillo

fun game better then most free gamesdiesel

logic404 got his high score in 11 seconds!!!fshk

This game is awesome! I just mostly stay on the two left lanes. They give you more points.fshk

Good one, for a minute I though I was playing spy hunt..!!! back to the 80's game.lito1942

That was so funny and cool when I crashed :) :DJacksonW10

Warning: If u choose Play Again you lose chance to submit your last score.Eagle_Kiwi

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