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 Double Fall 
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Double Fall

Avoid letting your balls get squashed and pushed off the screen

A,D to move the left ball, arrows to move the right

Play Double Fall Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
84,540 Plays   4.2 (27 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by Mimeke.

Comments about Double Fall:

SO HARD but fun :)lolman123

Ha ha, must be good at multitasking for Double Fall. Very addictive, 4/5.Avelocity88

This game is my favourite,I love this game,but I'm not very good...But I'll continue to play it,even if I'm not the best...TASOS131313

game is simple as hellinfinite

this is so confusing its hardMIZZPEACHES

Pretty plain simple game, all about eye hand cordination and peripheral vision. Not much to say but it gets addicting. -RealGENIUS-RealGENIUS

werid game , but very challengeing 2-player game.jeffrey

Just came across Double Fall yesterday and have been playing quite a bit since. It is really interesting but does getting harder the farther you get into it. My grandsons are here and they like it.sax556

4th place again lmaoinfinite

now 4th place lolinfinite

im so happy i made 6th placeinfinite

wow.....!!!!! my fingers....!!!!! ouchhhhhhhh...... good...!! it is fun to play .. I'll keep on playing this is a cool game......lito1942

2 player gameHomelessthinker48

WOW! thats hard!neeraffa

Simple game. Moderatley fun. Keeping up with both sides of the screen will drive you nuts!!!jamjshoe

Double Fall 2
Double Fall 2
Double Bubble
Double Bubble

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