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A fast-paced and eye-catching match 3 puzzle game with exciting power-ups, fast flying blocks, exploding bombs, and beautiful graphics.

Click a block in the grid to select it. Then, click another block to slide the first to a new position in the same row or column. Create a match with three or more blocks of the same color to earn points. Get even more points by creating bigger matches or matching from longer distances!

Match four blocks in a row, and get the BOMB powerup. It explodes in a firey burst, destroying all neighboring elements. It may also start a cascade of exploding bombs across the board! Match five blocks in a row, and get the FLAME powerup. Match it with any two blocks of the same color. The flame burns across the entire row and column, starting a cascade if it hits any bombs, and boosting your score higher and higher.

Create a cascade with at least three bombs, and the skull powerup will appear. Match with any two blocks of the same color, and this powerup will start BOMB BLITZ mode. For a short time, a new bomb is created with every match!

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Comments about Qrossfire:

Awesome puzzle game. Took me a little while to get used to the mechanics and the diamond shape. I'm so used to puzzle swapping games using vertical and horizontal in a square shape. Flipping that on the side was a little disorienting at first but after a while you kinda get used to it.DissonantMuse

pretty fun game. It was definately a new and fun twist on the match three type games! I like the symbols, since i have vision problems i have a gard time telling one color from another sometimes so the symbols really help me out!SmokeyQuartz

This game is a Pain in the Neck. (And I love it. ;-) )Eagle_Kiwi

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