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 Father O′Malley 3 
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Father O'Malley 3

Father O'Malley has defeated the Zombie Lord, and forestalled the apocalypse. But now he must escape from the Crypts of Na'uta before they are consumed in a fiery sea of destruction. Drained from his battle with the Zombie Lord, Father O'Malley must struggle to the surface with his last ounces of strength.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and the up arrow to jump. Press X to throw a cross (crosses will destroy zombies, naturally). Touching a zombie will kill Father O'Malley; letting the rising lava touch him will have a similar effect. Run to the right edge of each level as quickly as possible to avoid the lava and advance to the next level. There are 20 levels in total, with the number of zombies and the rate at which the lava rises increasing in each level. (Protip: during the second or two when the zombies are climbing out of the ground, they cannot kill you, so it is possible to run through them at the very instant they appear, with a little luck.) You can control the volume the the + and - keys, and mute with the zero key.

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Comments about Father O′Malley 3:

Yeah that really sucks... I just got to like lvl 11 and should have been the top score of the month but it didn't even submit..RATJUICE

so freaking hard....i only got to level 2..looks like minecraft and the zombies are creepers! and your a little minecraft guy.treyisbest10181018

the auto submit is so freakking anyoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eliOFwayland

i likes Father O′Malley 3 because it is nice and easy to play. and because i am the number 0ne all time player at the gametatty

this is stupid>.<gooroon

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