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 Super Mario 2 
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Super Mario 2

See full instructions inside Super Mario 2 arcade game.

Play Super Mario 2 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
419,752 Plays   4.0 (55 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 3,310,400

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Recent play by musicayfarandulaSTM.


Comments about Super Mario 2:

its not leting my submit :(minecraftmaster

This game ROCKS!! LOL!! :Drebeca242355

I beat the hole game at the end mario finds out it was a prank because he saved toad and mario is like what the heck and he kills toadchampion

I beat the entire game and I can't seem to get a score higher than 15,000. Am I missing something in Super Mario 2?Ernie

I finished Super Mario 2 ! :)rebeca242355

At least I beat it for the first timeRey lopez

At least I beat for the first timeRey lopez

very good game arcadebossrevskid

Nice game!!. Similar game of "Super Mario Flash Halloween" I beat this game, game very easy.ryu2009

w00t!!!! I got the all-time high score!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!!Destroyer

wow! I got the rank all a Starmanrichiesand

hey i dont get it no matter how hard you try i cant get my score above 15200 .i made starman in all of the levels but still the maximum score i achieved was their like a secret warp or passage in the game.Deathshot

i got to the second boss it is hard!athomas2

WOOT Lol nice game really awesome lol "what the hell this is bullshit!" XD so funny lmfaokoooldude198

i love Super Mario 2anacarmina120

This game gets better ever time i play it.RyuSinsa

That was like the greatest ending for a Mario game, I really liked it me and my friend Kenny laughed our asses off.RyuSinsa

Super Mario 2 rocksgolddragon king

OK, i don't get how ppl get such a high score...i have completed the game with all starman and still only score 15, there a secret warp or something?KTWORLD

This game is totally cool and suckish at the same time. This game has an awesome rating. I LOVE IT.Diangela65

Super Mario 2 is doing my head in i used 2 love mario but Super Mario 2 just not good at allloz2k9

A pretty good game. Not the best score for me!!! P.S Try and beat my BLOONS TOWER DEFENCE score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MARIOBOSS$$

i love super mario bros! i remember playing it on nintendo when i was like 8..i was so addicted to it! lol. now i wanna go buy a nintendo off eBay just so i can play them again! LOLdarkangel20

GREAT GAME!!! PLAY IT!!!!!Parker12345678910

This was my second game I played. It was a good game I'll rate Super Mario 2 a 3 or a 4. It would be better if you can get past some of the game. But I'm glad I made 1st for monthly or all time.nelsonkids

Woow i managed to creap up with a new score, :pjfarley



an ok scoreng1194

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