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Align two similar blocks vertically and they disappear, clearing the board for new blocks. Gain bonus score for clearing more than two blocks with single move and clearing blocks with following moves. When every square on the board is cleared once, you reach next level with new block type and higher points.

Use either mouse or up/down arrow keys to select row for new piece to be pushed on the board. Click mouse or use left/right arrow key to push.

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27,708 Plays   2.9 (19 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

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Comments about Pushori:

I like Pushori it is fun it needs an undo button thanks keep up the good workmoonchild

ok me and Pushori do not go together! I cannot beat level one!SmokeyQuartz

WOW! is all I gotta say WOW!. gave me all different blocks sickening.RealGENIUS

i like Pushori!weibkreuz

i wanna try Pushoriweibkreuz

Perhaps "strategy game turning into slot machine" is a more appropriate categorization for this interesting game. There is indeed an optimal way to go about placing your tiles, but once you get to the higher levels it's left all up to chance as to whether the tiles let you proceed to the next level or screw you.soultaker777

its a really cool games but it hard when u get to the highest levelldhs28

I'm having the same trouble with score submission, and I will go to the forum now, to mention it.thestorm529


I got 10,000 and didn't submit I will keep playbubba

[[Later]]: I'd say that on balance it seems to submit ok 'most' times, but just occasionally misses. So - if you get a non-submit, just play again, and chances are it'll be fine. :)Eagle_Kiwi

Good Grief! Right after my last comment I played again, and scored over 14,000 (believe me!) - but - It Didn't Submit. :-( GRRRR - so, I join the queue complaining about intermittent submit probs here. . . . . (Seems not uncommon with TonyPA games, e.g. Pariboro too).Eagle_Kiwi

Bubba: that's a strange comment, considering you are currently the alltime champion! (It's submitting fine for me - perhaps that was just a 'oncer'.)Eagle_Kiwi

won't submit scoresbubba

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