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 Zip Zap 
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Zip Zap

A sideways scrolling shoot-em-up in the style of the ancient arcade classic "Defender". Defeat the alien invasion by destroying all 10 waves of enemy spacecraft and rescue as many refugees as possible.

Move with the arrow or ASWD keys, fire with Z or M keys, pause with SPACE. You can also pause by just moving the mouse outside of the game window. Collect refugees who wave at you from the ground, fly over the runway in front of the tower where they'll drop off and run home. Look out for the abductor UFO's which try to kidnap the refugees and transform them into cyborgs who will relentlessly track you down and harass you with photon bullets. If you can catch a refugee dropped from an exploding abductor before he hits the ground you'll get some bonus points just for having style. Exploding enemy ships eject bonuses of various kinds: alien crew = 50 points silver stars = 100 points gold stars = 500 points white crystals = score multiplier blue crystals = shield purple crystals = rapid fire red crystals = extra life You can ram or shoot the alien crew, all the other bonuses have to be collected. There are 2 levels of rapid fire - if you collect a second one before the first has run out you'll have very rapid fire indeed. Your ship is equipped with a tractor field so you only have to get close to a bonus and it will be sucked in towards you.

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22,260 Plays   4.4 (8 Votes)

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Comments about Zip Zap:

I Loves Zip Zap. I got Addicted to it on FaceBook. Got tired of playing there because they changed the page setup and it had too many things going on the page that distracted you while playing the game. You get more lives if you can get thru a level without dying. You get the Higher Score if you can get thru the whole game without Dying. Shagoon...gie.....imagodiss

this is a very cool game!chuckee67

This game is actually pretty cool. I only wish I had a real controler. And a bigger picture would be nice to.chuckee67

Yes i agree with other comments this is a well made fun game,very importand to get as many crstals as possible and the silver ones are good as they multiply your score,hurts when you die as multiplier starts over.good game will have to come back for a second try.DGG

I love Zip Zap! It's totally cool. However, I don't like the fact you only get 3 lives.chuckee67

This game is AWESOME!, I love it. 5 stars. It gets confusing in the later waves of ships because theres so much going on. This game is ACTION packed to say the least, one of the best games ive played on here so far.AngelicHumanForce

This game FINALLY seems to be okay when submitting scores - it auto-submits when all your lives are lost!neeraffa

Agreed. I've played twice - it remembers my Best score and my Last score, but no sign of ever Submitting either. :-(Eagle_Kiwi

I've played Zip Zap 3 times now and cannot submit a score!!neeraffa

READ FIRST POSTED 11-2-09 This game is fun, it's great, it just won't load your score to be saved nor will it you reverse out of it. You can refresh it though. READ FIRSTnowurmessingwith

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