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Use arrow keys to move blocks, mouse to navigate menus. Use space to deploy a special item. Use "P" to pause the game at any time. You must land blocks on top of other blocks in order to get them to stick to the central cluster. What is considered "on top of" changes with each direction the blocks fall from.

Disconnected blocks earn even more points. Game ends when any of the 4 entrances is blocked up. How many secret bonuses can you find?

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14,058 Plays   3.1 (9 Votes)

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Comments about Bloktonik:

finally worked out how to play the game & got a score of over 100,00 .... only to realise I wasn't signed in! olooks like I'll have to try again loldemonican9el


I would not agree with either of the last two comments because (1) the game does NOT take forever to load and (2) the gameplay DOES make sense; it just takes some time to adapt to it.sevencube3

it īs a nice game, try to get the bonusses and beat my highscore, that never happens heheheEekz

I managed to get 250 points. The game makes no sense.JJenkins

Bloktonik took freaking forever to load and the gameplay makes no sence it sucks -_-Dfuzz1987

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