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 Bloons Tower Defense 4 
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Bloons Tower Defense 4

BTD4 features improved graphics, loads of new and original tower types and tons of upgrades for each tower type. Heaps of tracks, save games, career mode, sandbox mode and apopalypse mode. Bloons Tower Defense 4 will give you almost unlimited replay value. Also included is optional MochiCoins premium content featuring lots of extra tracks and special booster upgrades like double boomerangs, exploding darts, and double cash!

Select the track you want then the difficulty. In the game buy your towers from the side bar on the right, then place them around the track to maximize their effectiveness. You will unlock new tower types with every rank you go up.

Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
51,738 Plays   4.1 (14 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

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Comments about Bloons Tower Defense 4:

@waterwillow8 ninja kiwitarpit

There is a problem with the score somewhere...noways I made 1st on 2 minutes. I did not cheatcloud9

this is some bull im on level 123 and then the damn game just stops and goes to home page........i would of easily beat your lil 183 scoremets3131

Im on rank 83, It is good how you can submit level rank too. To move from rank 82 - 83 that one rank is over 100 million bloons !! Awesome game, personal best is 174, but sold up and died on purpose. The best defense is not sun gods !! After trialing several methods I think the Monkey Apprentice ( Monkey Wizard at Level 5 ) is far stronger, and cheaper, how you set the map up is key as you have to use 2 other towers too, but only 4 of each. 5*'s-White-Wolf-

FUN GAME! however, I wish you could save your game without makeing another account on that other site (can't remember the name)but thats no big deal and I also love the ranking system in Bloons Tower Defense 4.waterwillow8

tip, get bananna plantations as early as possible.... be lucky i revealed my secret!Toxic

This is an awesome gamefshk

Check it out!RyNoPufinOnFire

TIP TO SUBMIT TO SCORE MORE THAN 75: If you select a Track in mode HARD, you have 75 Rounds, but If you beat this 75 Rounds, you must select "KEEP PLAYING IN FREEPLAY MODE" to continue on Round 76,77, 78..... And your final score is your number of ROUNDS (Your RANK isnīt). I get Round 88 then my final score is 88. [GMM.091211]ryu2009

dude its so esy once u figure it out im rank 32Kody12367

Bloons Tower Defense 4 is super awsome!! evryone should try it!! its soooooooo so awsome!! :]carson drl

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