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 Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense 
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Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense

Build Ninja towers and defend against invading pirates Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

Play Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
15,192 Plays   3.7 (7 Votes)

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Comments about Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense:

Beaten!Hala Madrid!

I'm working on it ... is only a question of time.Hala Madrid!

This is 1 highly addictive game!! Although now I seem to have a glitch which wasn't there an hour ago... the screen keeps scrolling to the bottom right, so I can't place any ninjas anywhere else on the board :( hopefully it sorts itself out soon so I can play it again!demonican9el

Beat that! :)jamjshoe

did i got a trophynicolas

Ive basically conquered Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense in every way, I dont think its possible to get passed wave 89, I made it about half way through wave 89, you just cant kill the onslaught of pirates after wave 89 no matter what mix of ninjas you have... Im done with Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense......AngelicHumanForce

Made it pretty far. Got the 3rd monthly with ice ninja lvl 1 all around the map to keep things slowed alot of Ultimate Ninjas near the front that could also attack middle and near the end and packed the end of the map with the Insta Death ninjas....they did really good...but seemed in the later waves there chance for insta death got lower....when I first started to get some it was happening all the time then mabye 2-3 times per wave and the the wave I died on didnt happen at all.Animen

Got 3rd place score using just ice ninja and ulitimate ninjaAnimen

Wave 84 baby! When it gets laggy and slow, switch to low quality, and heres the best tip. MINIMIZE the screen and the game plays at real time speed, you cant see but who cares right?, put on the sound and play, minimize the screen and listen how it plays at full speed =)AngelicHumanForce

Ninjas do OWN pirates yay! Anyway, Ninjas vs. Pirates Tower Defense is a cool Tower Defense game, does get boring at times. I made it to Wave: 62, pretty much gets laggy and impossible after that, can't believe them pirates made it past my defenses, they took everything and just kept coming. I think the best ninja is the poison ninja, freeze ninja and of course the Ultimate ninja.AngelicHumanForce

Ninjas Vs Pirates Tower Defense 3
Ninjas Vs Pirates Tower Defense 3

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