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 Pingball (in 60 seconds) 
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Pingball (in 60 seconds)

A fast paced ball game.Hit the smiley faces with your balls and use your bat to keep your balls up!Get a multiplier by keeping your balls live and hitting the falling faces with your bat! Use your mouse to play this game.

Play Pingball (in 60 seconds) Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
12,186 Plays   2.8 (26 Votes)

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Last viewed by blast.

Comments about Pingball (in 60 seconds):

WOW!! I'm terrible at Pingball (in 60 seconds), very fun though..Tenchithepimp

TIP: Keep Paddle to one side so that ball land on TOP of the smiles at the top of the screen, then go to the other wall and juggle that ball. With any luck, one ball will be stuck for just a few seconds allowing your multiplier to build up with only one ball actually in play. Good Luck! 3/5 A bit chaotic, too fast and short. But a great game if you only have a minute to spare. Easy Gold.Sleep_Hurts

Nothing but chaos! lmao um kinda lameSmokeyQuartz

a very easy game although the game should have been a little longer but still it was a very nice gameDeathshot


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