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 Varth: Operation Thunderstorm 
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Varth: Operation Thunderstorm

Varth follows the story of a disaster that befalls a human colony on a planet of the same name. The entire colony is run by a 7th generation supercomputer which controls the operations of all machinery on the planet. Unfortunately for the residents of Varth, Delta-7 has been possessed by the entity "Duo", thought of as an evil spirit but actually a temporal-spatial consciousness which spontaneously arose within the supercomputer. Duo has come to the conclusion that human existence is inimical to the planet, and has therefore turned the planet's protections against its own populace. Eighty percent of the planet is laid waste by the event, and this is only the beginning of Duo's cleansing scheme. The colonists' reliance on the supercomputer has caused them to lose the ability to take care of themselves, and thus have no means of fighting back. The only hope for the colony lies in the pilots of two planes equipped with 4th generation computers which Duo cannot control--they are controlled not by machinery, but by humans. (From Wikipedia)

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40,655 Plays   3.8 (26 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 26,100
All-Time Highscore: 530,800

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Varth: Operation Thunderstorm:

This was good. But it's to shortytefh

with it would rapid-fire. but no... overall 8/10 i say. W{╚▓LeakyPusBucket

Pretty good, maybe a few levels would of been nicer, but its straight-forward, bing bang boom! :)SouthP

The strategy is just like almost everyother shooter, play the game over and over and you keep your score from the previous game.Mind0verMatter

had potential to be entertaining, only if you if ur hyperactive, or find yourself quickly amused with everythinggetatme27

Hmm....I killed everything twice in a row without dying and can't top 200k. How do you get 800k lolGreenfox

Just won my 21st gold medal on this game, so now I love it!Destroyer

man, how to make score 3k the game is only of one level so how to make score of 3k.Deathshot

This game would be a good game, but theres only 1 LEVEL!!!!pathlion

this is the kind of game i would like to see someone else play. the graphic are super and make me feel that i was really there. if i watch someone else play it i may get the moves down to play better .rochelle

crazy game, can somebody tell me if there are any more levels then one, best score now is only 150kEekz

this was good it's really like I'm on the mall playing arcadeczydd

What is the strategy for this game???????? Their is only one round or something very confusing acan you continue.amoneymaker

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