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Those evil aliens are at it again, invading our little corner of the galaxy once more, trying to conquer the Earth, enslave all mankind and in a word, whatnot.Will they never learn that here on Earth we have an endless supply of fighter jocks with the right stuff to trash their entire armada from a single man spacecraft?Oh well, I suppose you'd better get out there and show them who's the boss... Use your mouse to play this game.

Play Starmageddon Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
11,700 Plays   4.6 (14 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by DeannaB.

Comments about Starmageddon:

According to LalinG in forum 2,147,483,648 is the exact maximum score that will submit in Starmageddon - anything over that simply won't.Eagle_Kiwi

Love my luck. Just barely missed hitting the max score. I went back to one of the earlier levels when i had about 2.145 Billion, and tried to kill myself as quick as i could, and barely made it. Great addicting game. 5/5Starman

hey no problem Blazed! i frickin love Starmageddon too!SmokeyQuartz

I have to say thanks to SmokeyQuartz for introducing me to Starmageddon. It's become my favorite game to play and is very addictive. Great killer score LalinG., way to go!Blazed

TIP: To Starmageddon there is a limit score, the max score possible is from 32-bit, then to scores of more than 2.5 billons isnīt possible submit score.LalinGouki

Whew!!! What a marathon that was! All of my hard work paid off though since I got 3rd place all-time and another gold medal. I love Starmageddon, probally my favorite shoot em up game.Destroyer

One of the best shooting games on this website. Great game with good power-ups. The only drawback is the choppy controls. Otherwise, it's top notch.trevor1701d

yes!! I beat 13 levels, This game is very funny and easy to play. [GMM 100222].ryu2009

Nice game, I'd prefer non-automatic fire and if the levels were a bit longer before meeting each boss - but I can't say I didn't enjoy it.Mr Jepps Se

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