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 Robo Run 
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Robo Run

A puzzle platform game with a twist. Master the force of gravity to pass each of the 20 mind-bending levels. Use your keyboard to play this game.

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14,280 Plays   4.4 (11 Votes)

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Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Robo Run:

Great game! The gravity aspect adds a really good challenge, and really makes you analyze the world around you before you make a move.DissonantMuse

Weird game. Did not realize this was a time trial until I got destroyed about six or seven times. I did not think this game had an end level.PIX

This game takes to long and the advertisements in the game are a little point of nothing because its no points and the game i would rate 2 / 10 because it is boring and no eyecatching . and also the name doesnt relate to anything to the game except the robot.DannyBoy1235

Love Robo Run, new All - Time score, all 20 levels in 305 seconds :)-White-Wolf-

It would be even better if it had some kind of level editor. Oh the creations to be made...Ernie

Ok so getting all gems nets you 46500 then minus time so #1 did it in 440 seconds.need to play it again,um,faster!DGG

Gr8 game,very fun to play.20 levels so score - time.just had the one game now only got 3rd all time,may come back and try it faster.highly recommend.DGG

wow u realy got to lvl. 100+no your joking did you invent this or something cause only the people who invented this can possibly beat this hard CHEATING gamepinky101

this stinks i ended at lvl. 12 it cheatspinky101

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!I BEAT THE GAME!:) Igot 2 lvl 100+! GO ME !IM THE MASTEr !stumpyisligit

30+ games later and im on top again yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, 1 second yeeeee hawwww lol...AngelicHumanForce

Very cool game, I missed some bonus dots along the way =( so there is room for improvement, I liked Robo Run very much for some reason, it seems like the later levels are easier than the early ones lol to me anyway..AngelicHumanForce

This is a great and challenging game that takes time to get used to. Make sure you collect as many of those color things as you can and finish the game as fast as you can because it takes the time that it took you to finish the game and subtracts that amount from your score. So be quick. Also, i had MAJOR problems with ads poping up and interupting me while I was playing. That was REALLY ANNOYING!!!Destroyer

This game is just like Mazen with the extra twist of gravity inversion. It helps that you have infinite lives. However I find it intimidating that I cannot continue where I left off once I restart the game. Aside from that, you cannot submit a score until the game is over. Overall the game felt too long, so I gave up at Map 11. But good luck everyone.epepepp

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