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 Ninja Training 
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Ninja Training

Your master sends you to his ultimate ninjutsu training - dodge the rocks and survive as long as you can!

Controls = Arrow keys

Play Ninja Training Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
12,480 Plays   3.3 (13 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Ninja Training:

Can't figure out the glitch everyone is using in Ninja Training....Time to scrap it from my favoritesGreenfox

this is the easyest game everGames16


whenever i submit it says i've been on for 3 hrs, why tht happening?CDSONIC01

NOOOOOO!!!!! 3 more seconds and I would've had itGreenfox

That sign pops up on the right and you know your death is coming soon -.-Greenfox

Woot-Woot new all time, previous best last month 148, this month 192.Got this on my 3rd try, i can average over 100 easy, approx 140-50 it starts to get REAL fast, at 190 it was crazy.This game does continuously get faster.Fun game always play this one every month.DGG

Those aren't rocks, those are snowflake... oh, wait!mladen

Damn you ninjas!!!mladen

148 :)DGG

Getting better one more go got 108! it's all in the way you play.HINT,dont watch the guy at the bottom view the top of the screen and look at it as a whole its much easier,hard to explain but works for me,good for judging where to go gives you time.wicked game,#1 did well 179 i think,im still one minute short:(DGG

Im going different to all other comments i tjhink its fun and unique and very skillful, i managed 94 second's! pretty average really but game will be back to try and do better.DGG

IT Is way too hard!!!ABoss

its hard on easy and sucksDavid819

the first time i played Ninja Training i believe that it sssuuuccckkksssDeathshot

Aw dang, hard doesn't give any extra back to easyGreenfox

Played once, for 15 seconds. Thats all the time I needed to realize it sucks and turned it off.trevor1701d

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