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In a post-apocalyptic future world ORE MAN fights for survival the only way he can, mining the underworld for diamonds and rubies and unleashing his thunder cannon on any that challenge his right to survival. Fun retro arcade based on Dig Dug. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Controls = Arrow keys to move and Z or A to fire weapon. Click the Walkthough link to view the ORE MAN thread with scoring and game tips.

SUBMIT your score by clicking the red x button, which returns to the game menu and then click on Highscores.

An Arcade Boss original game!

Play ORE MAN Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
13,410 Plays   3.6 (14 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about ORE MAN:

Hmm, arrow keys now seem fine. :)Eagle_Kiwi

Shoots fine, but arrow keys simply don't work for me (and a few others, I gather) in my FF, so game is unplayable. :-(Eagle_Kiwi

Well there's a bug ( no pun intended! ) in level 9 ( the centipede room ) where you shoot the centipede while on the very outside tunnel, it breaks up, as into go in different directions, one bit went through the rock and got stuck, cannot shoot it, and it cannot get out, nothing to do but exit the game.-White-Wolf-

GRRRRRRRRRR second place... ill go for the gold latereliOFwayland

Not badDannyBoy1235

This is my new favorite game on Arcadeboss very very addictive. I think gold is set perfect not to hard not easy although i am only on bronze i will go for gold. Very entertaining, fun, addictive and awesome. The plot to the game is fun and interesting the enemies and the main character are very quick they move easily around which is harder but gives the concentration factor. All up the graphics are good the game play is fantastic i love the plot, 5s all round for me. LOVE THE GAME RECOMMENDED.Nick.P

This is probably one of my favorite games here on AB, although I don't hold the best score in it. Great game, 5/5. Well done AB.Starman

"Cool; Has that Retro feel."..........TKTumbleKraft

How do you move? The arrow keys don't do anything.trevor1701d

Excellent game and hard, if you complete the 26 levels, you repit again, but its more difficult. I love ORE MAN.ryu2009

Nice game. I didn't find the woodlice too much of a problem. They do travel in a different way to the other bugs which makes them harder to hit. But overall good.Sime

The Pillbugs do add a lot of challenge to the game, without them it would be much to easy. And yes, it is difficult to not lose a health point or two in The Matrix level and a few others, due to these bugs, but the game isn't meant to last forever either. Thanks for playing!ArcadeBoss

Edit previous comment: *almost impossible to kill without losing health which is a shame*neeraffa

A really decent game that's let down only by the creatures that look like woodlice - These are where i lost 99% of my health + unless you can get above or below them they are almost impossible to kill which is a shame :/neeraffa

I love ORE MAN. It's one of the best old style graphics games on arcadeboss. Nice job!Destroyer

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