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 Anti Invasion Force 
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Anti Invasion Force

Aliens are attacking Earth, defend the planet. Full upgrade store with unlockable secret levels.

Controls = Move: Arrow keys; Fire: Mouse button; Shockwave: Space

Play Anti Invasion Force Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
31,704 Plays   4.3 (14 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Anti Invasion Force:

Well spotted, Ernie! Also, is it called Anti Invasion FORCE, or Anti Invasion FIGHTER ?Eagle_Kiwi

Phenomenal Game!!! Many UpGrades, 8 Challenging Levels, and even 2 Secret Levels :D Just a tip (for what it's worth) Don't waste your money on EVERY upgrade, instead save for the premium or best upgrade in each category. I've yet to beat the game, but wish I did that early on. Extremely Challenging, but not impossibly so. By the way, am I the only one who finds the last upgrade of bullets amusing?! (Also, my scores are sending fine, sorry to the rest of you)Sleep_Hurts

The directions are wrong! Movement is with WASD, not the arrow keys.Ernie

this is a great game but it is not submitting my score nor will it reset so I ccan start back at the beginning.nowurmessingwith

Excellent game. very nice I beat Anti Invasion Force, it has eight levels. This game is HARD, but the adantage is that you can continue. TIP: You try get get the max weapons and items, then you can get so far and you can beat Anti Invasion Force. My first end with a score 1,380,690 then i can unlock a secret level. [GMM 100629].LalinGouki

Good game, but i can't seem to get a good score :XStarman

A really good game - reminds me a bit of starmaggedon here on AB. I rated it it 5 stars ;)neeraffa

Yes im with tatty, awesome game AB but my scores never submit.Well made game all round.DGG

this is a good game but it is not submiting my score.tatty

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