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 Bamboo Shots 
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Bamboo Shots

Shoot a bamboo cannon to get a panda as far as possible. Upgrade your equipment to get the best score through ten rounds. Move the mouse to adjust the angle, click and keep the mouse button (or spacebar) down to build up power, then release to shoot.

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53,442 Plays   3.3 (24 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by smokey6661.

Comments about Bamboo Shots:

scores won't submitvmaxmadness

love Bamboo Shots.....such a pity high scores won't submit :-( still love playing it tho !Sue-nami highscore anymore. too bad.xICBMx

in the later stages is where it gets fun during the beginning it is kind of boringhoop2cool

I wonder Po play Bamboo Shots?tdickensheets

yessss!!! love the game that much more now! my advice to any new players of bamboo shoots is keep coming back it works every time, well almost. lol arcadeboss rules!!!! : DD!RTYD@N76

truly awsome game!!! very addictive!!!! aint gonna stop till I mske the top!!! lol thanksD!RTYD@N76

Really addictive game...................but getting no where near hi scores! and thats really annoying! lolSue-nami

i really wanted to play Bamboo Shots today, but the thing wouldnt load. It just kept replaying the advertisement in the beginning. GRRRRSmokeyQuartz

fun addicting game but still more of a game of chance then it is skillWarDuke

36,002,881! thinking at least 1st for the month but I didn't think I'd get all time high score! game is annoying but addictive!vmaxmadness

Yeah i try to avoid the balloons, it seems i go alot farther and get alot more stars without getting the balloons. Fun game and pretty addicting!SmokeyQuartz

Balloons don't help unless you get lucky and bounce under them. Trampolines don't do much unless you hit them with height. Panda drops like a stone and doesn't bounce well. This game is all about luck. No skill what-so-ever needed. This game is embarrassing.ICBM

Bomboozle 2
Bomboozle 2

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