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 Pac Run 
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Pac Run

Run, Mr. Pac, Run!

This time, Mr. Pac is not limited in the maze, he is free to run wherever he likes, except that he has to avoid his old friends, the ghosts!

Controls = Arrow keys to move.

Play Pac Run Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
20,034 Plays   4.0 (24 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

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Comments about Pac Run:

We need to keep high scores for this game and have contests!! its addicting and very fun and free to playtbirdsc89

Completed level 50, then the game ended!!! Great game, very hard to beat. So 205K is about the max score, only got the All-Time by a few points. A lot of tactics in how you play Pac Run, in later levels it gets very tough. Clever game, pity it had to end as soon as I collected the bonus for level 51 it finished. 4*'s-White-Wolf-

Ah,,, What would we do without pac- man and the gang? Such a good game.In my opinion it deserves a 5/5. Wow! I think everyone should try it! Now, Back to playing! :)themagnificentpro


Holey Moley! This Freestyle Version of Pacman is Epic in it's Simplicity and Addicting nature!! Definetly going on my favorites list... What am I doing?! I should be playing Nooooooow!!! 5/5Sleep_Hurts

You only get one life? That's retarded. Otherwise, it's a great game. Almost as good as the original.Love Buzz

I am so glad you added Pac Run also. It is a lot of fun though challenging. Really enjoy it. sax556sax556

i did not like Pac Run i thought it was going to be different but it came out to be frustrating. it kind of gets stuck and does not let u control the pacman like the real pacman game. everyone has their own opinion though.TRAV13$A

I'm glad that they added Pac Run. This game has great potential with its incredible addictiveness. Perhaps it will be more popular with honor medals? :)Ernie

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