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 Go Home Monkey 
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Go Home Monkey

Monkey wants to go home! Collect the star and get rid of the red square then place monkey in the green area to proceed to the next level!

Controls = Use mouse to drag and drop.

Play Go Home Monkey Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
9,246 Plays   3.6 (7 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Go Home Monkey:

Pretty interesting physics game. It definitely exceeded my expectations, definitely a unique game. I'll give it a 4 out of 5.DissonantMuse

I'd like Go Home Monkey a lot more if it had a level editor. Right now it just seems like a more versitile version of Red Remover.Ernie

The first past 300 with 309 - this is really addictive! :oneeraffa

A really fun + addictive game! Well done AB for adding Go Home Monkey!neeraffa

No it is not possible tatty to get 9900 on 17, but i said an average of 9900 across all Lv's.I did it, first to get 198,000+ Some level's you get more than 9900 some you get less.All my Lv score's are 9800+.But yes 17 is the lowest scoring Lv.Yes same here im enjoying Go Home Monkey too:)-White-Wolf-

sorry i ment 9770 plus not 7000 plus it is that tight at the top end and i am enjoying every minite of it.tatty

yes but is it possible to get 9900 plus on level 17 ive only got 7000 plus.that is the one im stuggleing on at the moment.tatty

Spot on Tatty! 198k possible,just.That would be an average of 9900 per level.-White-Wolf-

another great game from arcade bosstatty

Very nice well made game, sort of overly easy to complete but there is added fun + time with bettering your level score's, im documenting my level score's.Nice find AB :)-White-Wolf-

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